TRIPLE EXPERTISE FOR SERVICE GUARANTEED Norail designs, packs and distributes a wide range of hardware to material negotiators, hardware suppliers and agricultural self-services.

Products A hardware expert

Norail offers almost 13,000 items which fall into 9 product groups: Screws – Bolts– Nails and Pitons– Stainless steel – Fixings – Building and furniture hardware – Ropes and Chains – Wheels and Castors. Complete expertise which can be adapted to suit the specificities of your point of sale.
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Packaging A rapid and personalised response

Unpackaged, bags, boxes, blister packs, tubs, buckets, etc.
4 packaging chains, 1 multimedia studio and 1 digital high-technology colour printing studio enabling personalisation of packaging.

Stock & Logistics Immediate availability, delivery to store or to platform

Tested logistics which guarantee our customers continued quality service. Everything for delivery on receipt of the order!

A MASTERED PROCESS AND PROVEN EXPERIENCE In addition to the standard offer which satisfies market expectations, Norail is able to satisfy more specific requirements providing customised product, packaging and merchandising solutions.

THE NORAIL COMPANY A French family-run company

The determined spirit which has upheld and overseen activities ever since Norail's establishment, has enabled the company to consolidate its position on the material negotiators and self-service agricultural supply store markets. Located in Cateau - Cambrésis, the Norail site bases itself on the history and values of France's Nord department.