Products NORAIL offers a wide selection of hardware for professionals: screws, bolts, nails, pitons, fixings, building hardware, furniture hardware, ropes and chains, wheels and castors.

Screws STARBLOCK Norail


In compliance with construction products regulations, STARBLOCK® screws can be classified into 6 ranges to adapt to all construction site uses: wood/chipboard, framework, anti-corrosion, coach bolts, carpentry and concrete. Designed for quality work, the technical specifications of STARBLOCK® screws guarantee comfort of use and a perfect finish.
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Discover the range of STARBLOCK® screws
Visserie NORAIL


The Norail Screw range serves to satisfy all assembly and fixing issues. This range is designed for carpenters, roofers, ... or simply a handyman on-site. Wood screws - Chipboard screws - Hinge strip screws - Coach bolts - Plasterboard screws - Roof screws - Self-drilling screws - Covering screws.



Norail bolts offer a large product range covering a multitude of tightening assembly solutions: Framework bolts - Wood bolts - Threaded rods - Metal screws - Stove bolts - Hex bolts- 8.8 hex bolts - Flat washers - Split washers - Contact washers - Grower washers - Hex Nuts - 8.8 hex nuts - Wing nuts - Acorn nuts - Drive nuts.

Clouterie Pitonnerie

Nails - Pitons

Norail nail and piton ranges offer numerous specific consumables suitable for a variety of uses: Plate edge - Glazier edge - Headless nail - Flat head edge - Shingle edge - Staple - Twisted edge - Cap nail - Anchor edge - Concrete edge - Round head edge - Tack - Bullen nail.


Stainless steel

With this range, Norail brings together all assembly and fixing solutions with drilling of supports presented below, specific to outside construction sites: Screws - Bolts - Nails - Pitons.



A wide range of dowels to resolve all fixing issues on all types of support regardless of load: Nylon dowels - Polyethylene dowels - Expanding dowels - Screw dowels - Nail dowels - Tap dowels - Brass dowels - Anchor bolts - Rivets - Chemical seals.

Quincaillerie du Bâtiment

Construction Hardware

A complete Construction hardware range for carpentry, home windows and doors. Products made in France, screws, hinges, hinge strips and a range of certified connectors which comply with construction product regulations.

Quincaillerie d'ameublement

Hardware for furniture

A complete furniture hardware range to open, attach, assemble, close, twist, arrange...

Cordes et chaines

Ropes and Chains

Chains, ropes, straps, as well as all suitable accessories, covering all conditions of usage and possible tasks.

Roues et roulettes

Wheels and castors

Norail offers a selection of wheels, castors and castered bases for various uses: external wheels for wheelbarrows and lawn-mowers (inflatable and puncture-proof wheels), support castors able to hold heavy loads, castors for public establishments such as hospital beds, canteen kitchen trolleys …, castors for furniture such as armchairs and desk frames, as well as a collection of wheeled trolleys and workshop trolleys able to hold medium and heavy loads.